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7 Canadian Physicians Head to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with Team Canada


The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) is proud to have 7 Canadian physicians and CASEM members support the Team Canada athletes in Tokyo at the 2020 Paralympic Games from August 24 – September 5, 2021.

CASEM physicians work hard to ensure each Paralympian and Olympian receive the medical care they need so they can perform at their best.

The following physicians attending the Games have shown years of dedication, service and passion for their practice:

  • Dr. Andy Marshall
  • Dr. Kimberly Coros
  • Dr. Amandev Aulakh
  • Dr. Steve Dilkas
  • Dr. Philippe Gariepy
  • Dr. Ean Parsons
  • Dr. Andreane Bourgeois

CASEM President (2021-2022), Dr. Cathy Campbell, sent the physicians off with well wishes and some words of wisdom:

“I reflect on my own games experiences, particularly London 2012, when I was honoured to accompany the Olympic National Women’s soccer team after many years of travel and nurturing the team and staff. These memories stay with me today and the lessons learned, and experiences are now etched deep in my soul.

Whether this is your first Paralympic experience or a repeat experience, I hope that you can enjoy and savor this potentially life changing adventure.

Finally, support each other, learn like crazy, have some fun, and know that CASEM is immensely proud of each and every one of you.”