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CASEM Heritage Moment – The Creation of CASEM


The Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine was founded on June 8th1970. Prior to the Academy, in 1967, the Canadian Association of Sport Science (CASS) was formed after Canada hosted the Pan American Games in Winnipeg which brought physicians, physiotherapists, trainers and physiologists together. The Association was however mainly focused on research, not properly addressing the practical approach to athletes and the practice of sport medicine.

In 1968, at the Olympics in Mexico city, several medical issues affected Canadian athletes which brought to light the need for better medical care for Canadian Athletes.

After the Olympics, Minister John Munro met with 14 physicians active in sport medicine to discuss the matter. This meeting resulted in the creation of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine – also known as CASM.

The following statement opened the propose Academy’s applications for incorporation:

…’The undersigned applicants recognise a special field of medicine in the application, referred to as ‘Sport Medicine’ through which medical, physiological, biological, and sociological consideration and findings peculiar to athletes, are applied to their training and care, and that particular clinical and surgical skills are required in the prevention and treatment of their injuries and illnesses…”

Since then, CASM and its physician community have expanded their role as sport medicine physicians to educate, treat and help prevent sport and exercise related injuries and illnesses in Canadians of all ages and level of participation.

In 2010, CASM changed its name to the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (aka CASEM) –to reflect the all-encompassing demographic and level of play that we serve as well as to highlight the importance of exercise as medicine.