The Pursuit of Joint Preservation: Impact of Very High Molecular Weight (>10 kDa) and Delay Time to TKR.


Wednesday, May 29th | 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Location: Strategy 3 Room – 5th Floor

Note this is an unaccredited event sponsored by Bioventus

As the incidence of OA continues to grow, with a rising trend observed among younger patients, physicians aim to prolong joint preservation, thereby postponing arthroplasty surgery. New research will be presented to illustrate the impact of Very High Molecular Weight HA compared to High Molecular Weight HA.

Dr. Anish Aggarwal
Sr. Consultant Rheumatologist, MBBS (AFMC), MD, PGD-PCR (England)

Dr. Jane Fitzpatrick
Specialist Sport and Exercise Physician, MBBS, FACSEP, PhD

A hot buffet lunch will be offered.