CASEM Football Sport Medicine 2023 Webinar Recording


Saturday, November 18th

  • Results of The ECHO Trial: Cingal for Hip Osteoarthritis
    Olufemi Ayeni
  • Medication Management of the Professional Athlete
    Eugene Maida
  • Air Quality and the Athlete
    Yan Sim & Naveen Parasu
  • Update on Concussion: A review of the 6th International Consensus Statement and SCAT6
    Katie Dalziel
  • State of the League: Healthcare Update for the CFL
    Robert McCormack and Dhiren Naidu
  • ACL Injuries in Professional Football: A 2023 Update
    Darren de SA
  • Keeping Your Head in the Game: Exploration and Management of Mental Health in Football Players
    Carla Edwards
  • Complex Cases on the Field Trainer Tips
    Claire Toffelmire