CASEM Medicine Through Movement Webinar Series


Last session was held April 29th 

Thursday, April 8th 2021
Session 1 – Exercise and the Immune System

  1.  Can we prime our immune system with regular exercise?
    – Alex Wadley, PhD
  2. The Other Side of the Coin: Sedentary behaviour physiology, immunology, epidemiology and treatment
    – Mark Tremblay, PhD
  3. Question Period

Thursday, April 15th 2021 
Session 2 – Exercising in the Golden Years

  1. (Re)habilitation of dementia with exercise: Why, What, and How ?
    – Laura Middleton, PhD
  2. Is There a Role for Physical Activity in Palliative Care?
    – Cassandra Stiller Moldovan, MD
  3. Question Period

Thursday, April 22nd  2021
Session 3 – Just a Spoon Full of Exercise Helps the Medicine Go Down

  1. Diabetes and Exercise in Type 1 Diabetes and the Challenges of Keeping Children and Adolescents Active
    – Richard Goudie, MD, Dip. Sport Med. (CASEM)
  2. The Role of Exercise Prescription in Paediatrics
    – Barbara Cifra, MD
  3. Question Period

Thursday, April 29th 2021 
Session 4 – The Adaptive Athlete and Exercise

  1. Inclusive Movement: Social Exercise for Individuals with Disabilities
    – Kim Coros, MD, Dip. Sport Med. (CASEM) and  Lindsay Bradley, MD, Dip. Sport Med. (CASEM)
  2. Question Period