CASEM Cycling Injuries, Illness and Performance Webinar Series


Last session was held 1 October 2020- Led by Dr Wade Elliott, team physician for Cycling Canada, this 4 session webinar series will cover all aspects of sport medicine and team physician coverage as it pertains to the cyclist and cycling.

Session 1

  • Traumatic Injuries in Cycling – Is this really a non-contact sport?  – Andre Lui, MD
  • Overtraining / The Tired Cyclist – Why is my rider getting dropped?  – Scott Shallow, MD
  • Traumatic Events in Cycling – Their effects, how to anticipate, plan for and manage  – Carla Edwards, MD

Session 2

  • Physiologic Monitoring and Interventions – What are we doing now? – Emily Wood, Performance Specialist
  • Medical Monitoring – What should we be doing? – Wade Elliott, MD
  • Nutrition – Assessment, recommendations for the cyclist  – Nicole Springle, RD

Session 3

  • Paracycling Primer  – Richard Goudie, MD
  • Medical Considerations, Injuries and Illness in the Paracyclist  – Richard Goudie, MD
  • MTB – medical c overage of MTB events  – Bruce Davidson, MD

Session 4

  • Mental Health and the Elite Cyclist*  – Carla Edwards, MD
  • Bike Fit – what do I need to know?  – Richard Maclean, PT
  • Saddle Sores – Oh my aching…  – Wade Elliott, MD
  • Movement Efficiency – assessment and recommendations  – Mark Rocca, DC