CASEM Dance Medicine Webinar Series


Last session held October 13th 2022

Session 1

1- The Student Ballet Dancer – Merrilee Zetaruk, MD, FRCPC (Pediatrics), Dip. Sport Med. (Canada)

2- Common Foot and Ankle Problems in Dance – Nancy Kadel, MD, Orthopedic surgeon (USA)

3- The Dancer’s Spine – Roger Hobden, MD, CCFP (SEM) , Dip. Sport Med.(Canada)

Session 2

1- Dance Fitness and Dance Science: Past, Present and Future – Emma Redding, PhD (UK)

2- Treating the Dancer’s Foot and Ankle – Rana Adada-Lamy, PT (Canada)

3- Treating the Hip and Pelvic Area in Dancers – Jarmo Ahonen, PT (Finland)

Session 3

1- Motor Control: Moving in the Unpredictable World – Mark Latash, PhD (USA)

2- The Many Faces of Allodynia in Dance- Isabelle Quintal, OT, PhD candidate (Canada)

Session 4

1- Pilates: the Dancer’s Best Friend – Suzanne Martin PT, Pilates expert (USA)

2- Hypermobility in Dancers – Linda Bluestein, MD (USA)

– The Social Determinants of the Dancer’s Health – Sari Kaft, MD, CCFP(SEM), Dip. Sport Med. (Canada)