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1. Return to Sport Webinar (13 May 2020) – The Sport Medicine Advisory Council with input from Own the Podium, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees have developed a tool to assist in the decision making and are presently working in a task force on return to sport.
Please note that we experienced technical issues during the webinar and we do not have a recording. However, please find the slides from the webinar below as well as relevant documentation.

RSAT Webinar Slides

COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Sport (EN) / COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Sport (FR) (27 April 2020)

Position Stand: Return to SportMay 2020in the Current Coronavirus Pandemic(SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19)

A Game Plan for the Resumption of Sport and ExerciseAfter Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Infection

Return to Train Meeting Key Messages ( 27 April 2020 )

2. COVID and Return to Sport Webinar (25 June 2020)

    1. Webinar Slides


3.  Return to SEM Practice Webinar (9 June 2020) – As sport medicine practices slowly start to re-open across    the country, we invite you to join view webinar as our panel of CASEM members discuss return to sport medicine practice considerations. Please find the COVID-19 Return to Practice Resource page here.

1.    Introduction – Dr. Margaret Burghardt
2.    Return to Multi Disciplinary Sport Medicine Practice – Dr. Richard Trenholm
3.    Return to Orthopaedic Sport Medicine Practice – Dr. Andrew Marshall
4.    Considerations for Sport Medicine Procedures – Dr. Terry DeFreitas
5.    Considerations for Airway Resuscitation / CPR Procedures – Dr. Tatiana Jevremovic
6.     Return to Pediatric Sport Medicine Practice Considerations – Dr. Erika Persson